Dear Client & Friend:

You can’t live on my table.  I get that.

Which is why I'm always happy to offer product advice for free, and my favorites for sale: to help you take care of you between visits.

The items on my shelf don't bear my name.  They don't have fancy labels.  

They just work.  Beautifully. 

An aesthetician's products are her darlings, the go to's she's discovered over years of clinical experience.  

Along with usage tips, they are often her most requested trade secrets.   You can't always trust manufacturer claims, or online reviews by strangers.

The only way to get mine has been in person—until now.

I'm delighted to unveil the first version of a passion project that aims to elevate the standard of client care between visits. 

"Stacy's Shelf" is a beauty store with a twist.   As well as being the most convenient and cost effective way to get products I recommend, it includes my own clinical notes to help you:

•  Get the most out of your products

•  Discover new ones, and

•  Share tips with your mom.

No site can replace the personal touch.  Skin is always changing.  In fact, you're probably due to come in.

But I believe Stacy's Shelf, as it grows and blossoms, could make our shared journey even more beautiful.

Check it out.  See if the Notes work for you.  Maybe pick something up.   

Then come in for a wax & tell me what you think.  



P.S.  Stacy's Shelf is work in progress.  Not all products are shown or have Notes.  Let me know which you'd like to see.